About Us

ALT/Now was founded by Jennie WInhall and Charlie Leadbeater who work with an incredible group of international collaborators - academics, entrepreneurs, artists, theatre producers, designers - who are leaders in the field of system innovation.


Jennie Winhall

Jennie is an internationally reknowned designer and social innovator. She is the designer behind the radical public service innovations outlined in Radical Help. After being part of pioneering service design at the UK Design Council, she was part of founding social innovation catalyst Participle. She has designed and scaled several social ventures and teaches design for system innovation in Canada and Europe. She is a member of system change collective The Point People and an RSA Fellow. She thinks that most things turn out to be possible if you make a start.

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Charlie Leadbeater

Charlie has been at forefront of innovation movements since his report The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur published in 1997. His best selling books include Living on Thin Air and We Think: Mass Innovation Not Mass Production. His TED talks on education and open innovation have been watched by millions of people. He is a life fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a visiting professor at the Institute for Innovation and Public Policy at University College London.